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About SMK Industries

The Company

SMK Industries is a service oriented, customer focused company providing a broad range of rubber and plastic solutions to a wide spectrum of industries, assisting companies in solving problems or maximising revenue growth through progressive product development.

SMK has a management team with combined industry specific experience exceeding 60 years and represents a dynamic arrival in the South African rubber and plastic industry. The people in our organisation are committed, professional and an integral part of our success. Our vision is to offer innovation in solutions, the best in quality and a return to service.

SMK Industries looks forward to being of service to you. No company is too big or too small to warrant our attention – no problem or opportunity will attract anything other than our full focus. We await your call in anticipation of offering you a refreshing approach to procurement in the future!

The Converting Process

Specialised laminating of our products into:
- Specialised packaging inserts (dunnage)
- Sound Insulation Panels
- Custom made laminations

Die Cutting
Specialised Die Cutting into:
- Customer specific gasketing and various cut-outs
- Judo / Karate Mats
- Roof closures

Strip Cutting
Strip Cutting into various thicknesses, widths and lengths:
- Weather Strip
- Sealant Strip
- Expansion Joint Forming Material
- Shutter Seal Tape

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